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There's a direct relationship between quality and price, you still get what you pay for

Wild Animal Taxidermy
Upland Game Birds Quail

Impressive mounting for wild birds

Display your trophy game bird for everyone to enjoy.

Talented upland game bird taxidermy

Now that you've bagged your prize pheasant or grouse, bring it to Blair Taxidermy for an artful display. We have been in the business since 1991, with our years of experience, we can make your upland game bird look incredible.

We'll Be Glad To Ship Your Mounted Bird To Your Home.

Please Call To Ask For Details.


When you choose Blair Taxidermy, you can have us create a custom setting for your mount. You can get a wide variety of options, and we stand behind our work with

our work guarantee.


Let us help you celebrate your successful hunt by displaying your bird at its very best.

Realistic mountings in natural settings