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There's a direct relationship between quality and price, you still get what you pay for

Fox Taxidermy
Fox Taxidermy Fox Taxidermy

Show off your hunting skills

Our displays let everyone appreciate your trophy.

Lifelike taxidermy for predator trophies

For a lifelike mounting for your fox, coyote, or other predators, come to Blair Taxidermy. We bring a quarter century of experience to every project.

Our Shipping Services Are Ideal For Out-Of-State Hunters.

We Can Send Your Trophy Directly To Your Home.

Please Call For Details.


When you choose Blair Taxidermy, you can get custom base work that makes your trophy look amazing. We do custom habitats and careful mounting, so you get a spectacular result.


You'll get a unique record of your hunt, and we stand behind all our taxidermy

with our work guarantee.

Guaranteed quality mountings